Bubble Tea – with clean, “healthier” Boba

I’ve recently been on a bubble tea kick, to the point where I started to think: maybe I could make my bubble tea at home, with healthier ingredients.

As it turns out, bubble tea is definitely easy to make at home. All that’s involved is heating the boba on the stove in water, while the delicious little tapioca pearls soak up all the water to create all their gooey goodness. I stir in some cane sugar at the end, and let them set a little while before adding them to tea with coconut cream and ice.

But when I went to buy the boba (tapioca pearls) from amazon, I was very surprised when all of the available boba had ingredients with names that I didn’t even recognize. One reviewer even mentioned that there had been a link made between these ingredients and cancer.

So I went in search of “healthier” boba, and needed only look so far as nuts.com (of which also have a great selection of dried fruit snacks, and yes, you guessed it, nuts). They quickly delivered the boba (within 2 days) and I’ve now made many cups of bubble tea with my bag, and am ready to order another.

Also, random fact, did you know that… bubble tea is not called bubble tea because of the boba? It’s actually called bubble tea because it’s intended to be shaken, which creates bubbles. Weird, but wikipedia verifiably true.

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