Getting the maximum benefit from Vitamin B12

Anyone who has had a vitamin b12 shot knows that the injection can be a fantastic source of energy.

But to get the maximum benefit of b12 supplementation, you need to supply the co-factors that help to convert the b12 into neurotransmitters, hormones and antioxidants, such as glutathione.

The most important co-factors are:

  • other b vitamins, especially b6
  • folate
  • magnesium
  • SAMe

The products below were the best formulations that I could find on amazon for each factor. The first is an excellent source of the best forms of b-vitamins, including activated b6, and also contains folate.


Pure Encapsulations – B-Complex Plus 60’s 


For those with the MTHFR, I recommend supplementing extra folate, as per the MTHFR protocol


I also recommend adding electrolytes with vitamin C to your water. This mix is my favorite and is sugar-free (sweetened with Stevia). I mix it with the trace minerals to mask the taste.



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